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Accelerated Reader

Once you child moves into Y3, they will begin to use

Accelerated Reader. 

At the start of each half term, children sit a STAR reading test online.  This adapts to your child's ability and provides a level called a ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development - see diagram below).

Your child can then choose any book within their ZPD range.

Our children are amazing at this and love the independence that comes from choosing their own books.  

Once they have chosen a book, they read it and complete an Accelerated Reader quiz on the computer or ipad. They are given a percentage of questions they get correct and are guided to a new book., moving up the ZPD range as they read more.  The more books and quizzes they complete, the more points they achieve towards their target, gaining certificates on the way.

This means your child has a focussed reading 'level' allowing them to make progress at the maximum rate.

As the next half term approaches, your child will again complete a STAR test and see the progress gained.

As children become fluent readers, they can read books outside of their ZPD if a certain book appeals to them but is just outside of their range.

Books are not limited to school books.  Your support with reading at home is vital. AR Bookfinder has thousands of books which have been levelled for each ZPD, so often books children read at home already have a quiz they can complete.


Our children love to see the progress they make across the year in their ZPD!