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Computing Summer 2: Scratch coding

Budding programmers...

  • learn how to code your own musical instruments by interacting with sprites
  • program an animation by repeating instructions
  • use variables to make a ghost catching game
  • program a chatbot and make it talk to you
  •  use boolean operators while creating a paint program
  • develop your very own boat racing game


Just open up the PDF below and click on the lesson links. All resources are provided for you. 

Please email some some pictures or screen shots to your phase email so that we can share your amazing talent! 



Summer Term 1: Minecraft Coding Games

Nellie Bly travelled around the world...but imagine if you could create your own world!

Minecraft allows you to do just that - create your own worlds. Use these fantastic resources to learn how to code. Use BLOCKLY code to direct a character through adventures in different worlds. You've already used this form of coding in Scratch and Kodu. 

So what are you waiting for  - Click the link and let the fun begin!