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Inside the Talk4Writing booklet below, you will find lots of activities to work through that will help with your writing skills and build on the work and writing scheme you do at school. This booklet is not designed to be completed in one go but rather over a couple of weeks.


Below is a list of which activities are to be completed on which days.


You can listen to an audio version of the story here


Monday – Reread The Elves and the Shoemaker. Can you make up a story about some elves that help people? Use the story mountain to plan your ideas.


Tuesday – The weather elf is going to make an umbrella but he isn’t sure which material to use. Find each material and investigate if they are strong and waterproof.


Wednesday – Think back to your investigation yesterday. Write up a set of instructions for someone to follow and a conclusion about what you discovered during your investigation.


Thursday – Jas’ riddle. Read the riddle to other people in your family at home/on the phone and ask them to guess what it is about. Do you know?.


Friday – Make up your own riddle about an animal.

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