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Monday - Talk about Traditional Tales that they know (Three Littl Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk etc.) There are also Traditional Tales in other cultures. Read Tiddalik together, an Australian Traditional Tale. Children to look at images of the Australian animals. Do they know their name? Can they describe them?


Tuesday - Children to listen to 'The Rainbow Bird' story read by an adult (online - Youtube). Ask the children questions and make sure they understand all vocabulary. Children to sequence the story in order and draw images to match. 


Wednesday - Read 'Why Frogs can only Croak' together, stopping on difficult words. Point out the apostrophe in words (didn't, shouldn't). We have looked at these before. Practise reading the words together. Play apostrophe pairs. 

Thursday - Look at apostrophe words from yesterday. Practise reading them again together. Do they know what each contraction is as a full word? (didn't = did not, couldn't = could not). Children to write or say a sentence about an Australian animal using each of the words.


Friday - Australian Animals Handwriting and letter formation practise.

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