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Inside the Talk4Writing booklet below, you will find lots of activities to work through that will help with your writing skills and build on the work and writing scheme you do at school. This booklet is not designed to be completed in one go but rather over a couple of weeks.


Below is a list of which activities are to be completed on which days.


You can listen to an audio version of the story here


Monday – Read The Elves and the Shoemaker. Talk about the story then answer the questions in the yellow boxes. Draw a picture of what you think the elves will look like.


Tuesday – Read the story together again. Answer Pepper’s questions about the story (Have a go at writing some of the answers in full sentences using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces).


Wednesday – Task 1: Complete Jas’s word game by matching words from the story to the correct definition. Task 2: Jas wants to sort out the words into the job each one does in a sentence (adjective, verb, noun) Can you help? Spot 5 more examples of each and add them to your table.


Thursday – Design hats, suits and shoes for the elves.


Friday – Read the letter to Clary, Pepper and Jas. Write a postcard back to Mr and Mrs Cobbler.  

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