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This week we have a story about a pirate princess. You can listen to it if you press the link below.

Sayeeda pirate princess story

There are tasks to do and I have separated them into days but just do what you can and try your best.

Monday- Read the Story of Sayeeda the pirate princess  

            - Talk activity about the story • Reading response activities

            - Who said what? - Quiz Time •

Tuesday- Exploring words together

               • Enjoying a song together: ‘When I was one.’

               • Fill your treasure chest

Wednesday- Sayeeda’s diary entry:

                    helping her to use full stops and capital letters

                 • Helping Sayeeda to improve her handwriting

 Thursday- How to make a pirate hat • Story time!

                 • What’s in Fergus’ treasure box?

 Friday-    Riddles

              • Treasure maps

              • Review of learning