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The Gadgets Talk for Writing Booklet

Use the booklet to try some persuasive writing - there are some great ideas.

Monday 01.06.20

Read the introduction and crack the spy codes and work out your spy name.  Mine is Kraven Storm – a brilliant spy name!

Read the introduction and the model text, ‘The Multi-Function Mobile Phone’ and complete activity 1 – vocabulary.

Tuesday 02.06.20

Play the persuasive games – how persuasive can you be?

Complete the activity on being an estate agent.

Wednesday 03.06.20

Activity 3: Underlying pattern of adverts.  Read the persuasive techniques used in the model text.

Thursday 04.06.20

Activity 4: Making a toolkit for persuasion.  Use the model text to find examples of each feature.

Activity 5: Quotation practice – decide on the character you would like to be.

Friday 05.06.20

Activity 6: New ideas – use the ideas in the booklet or use your own ideas.  Be as creative as you can!