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This week we will continue with the Talk4writing unit 'Monsters'.


Monday 22nd June

Activity 7: Draw your monster – add as much detail as you can!

Tuesday 23rd June

Activity 8: Using all the ideas you have collect so far, plan your writing. Use the boxing up model in the booklet.

Wednesday 24th June

Activity 9: Talk through your plan – check it makes sense.

Activity 10: Time to write! Use all the work to write your report.

Thursday 25th June

Activity 11: Draw a map of the land where your monster lives.  Follow the steps to make the land come to life.

Friday 26th June

Activity 12: Giving feedback – write out the paragraph on Ogres and provide feedback using the toolkit you have used previously.

Activity 14: Design a wanted poster for your monster.


There are lots of writing challenges in Activity 13 for you to try.