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Week 6

This week we will be continuing with our book, 'Kensuke's Kingdom'.


Monday 6th July

Michael sees a ship and hopes it will rescue him.  Unfortunately, it does not spot him and sails away. Use the power point to write a diary entry to describe this event.


Tuesday 7th July

Kensuke is a man who lives on the island.  At this point in the story, we don't know why he is there or how long he has been there.  Use the image on the sheet and the words provided. Find a definition of each of the words.


Wednesday 8th July

Michael has to survive  on the island without any supplies from home.  Write a list of things he could do to help him survive.  


Thursday 9th July

Michael ignores Kensuke's warning and swims in the sea.  He is hurt badly from a jellyfish sting.  Design a poster warning of the dangers.  Us the prompt below to help you.


Friday 10th July

Research jellyfish and make a fact file.  Use the