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English activities

You will find lots of activities based around a couple of stories this week. Some of the tasks are tricky so do not feel like you have to do them all. Please listen to or have a try at reading the stories if you you do nothing else. If anyone has a go at writing a story I would love to see it so please send it by email to .


I will also add some ideas for reading activities and games you can do so we can all become brilliant readers.

Reading support.


RWI Phonics lessons at home

To help children learning to read at home during school closure, there are some, reading and spelling lessons every weekday on a RWI YouTube channel.

Each lesson is ten to fifteen minutes long and available for 24 hours.

From 1st June:

All films will be available at 9.30 am.

Set 1, 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will restart.
Set 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will include new words for reading and spelling.

In Year 1 we concentrate on set 2 and 3 speed sounds.