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English - Week beginning 15.6.20 and 22.6.20

English - Week beginning 15.6.20 and 22.6.20


Inside the Talk 4 Writing PDF document below you will find lots of activities to work through that will help you with your writing skills and build on the work you do at school.  This is not meant to be completed in one go but rather over a couple of weeks. Start off every lesson by reading the LOCKDOWN – CREATIVE WRITING TEXT


Below is an example of which activities to complete on which days.


 15.6.20 – Read ‘5 ways to keep yourself amused during Lockdown’. Listen to the audio clip.

                  Write your own Lockdown tips.


16.6.20 – Word pictures – using similes


 17.6.20 – What are you – using metaphors


 18.6.20 – Out of the window – Eye Spy


 19.6.20 – I didn’t know I’d miss




 22.6.20 – Warm up

                   Lockdown – Poem

                  What do the word mean?


  23.6.20 – Even Closer Reading

                   Spot the Alliteration and Personification


24.6.20 – Let’s innovate!


 25.6.20– Draft your poem carefully and keep on reading it aloud and altering it until it sounds just right. Help the reader understand exactly how you were feeling.


 26.6.20 – Edit your Poem for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Creative Challenge: Record a performance of your poem and send it to members of your family you haven’t been able to see for a bit.

Talk4Wrting Creative writing text and activities booklet