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English - Weeks beginning 1.6.20 and 8.6.20

English - Week beginning 1.6.20 and 8.6.20

Inside the Talk 4 Writing PDF document below you will find lots of activities to work through that will help you with your writing skills and build on the work you do at school.  This is not meant to be completed in one go but rather over a couple of weeks. Start off every lesson by reading The Amazing Aliens text.

Below is an example of which activities to complete on which days.


 1.6.20 – The Alien word game.

2.6.20 – Alien Comprehension.

 3.6.20 – The Adjective game and The talk like an expert game.

 4.6.20 – Alien Headlines.

 5.6.20 – When? Who? What? Why? Where? Openers and Crazy Quotes.


 8.6.20 – Write Away! Write your log.

  9.6.20 – I want to go there! Persuade people to visit Zargon 10.

10.6.20 – Let’s innovate! Use the planner to plan your ideas.

 11.6.20– Let’s Publish! Write your persuasive advert leaflet.

 12.6.20 – Edit your writing for spelling, grammar and punctuation.



If you want to do more writing, you could try some INVENTING by using what you have learnt at school already. Here are a few ideas

Write a set of instructions showing how to catch an alien.

Write an information text about the alien that you designed in this unit.

Write a story that has an alien as the main character. Use a story pattern that you know or use this basic structure:

Once upon a time

One day



In the end

Write a sorry letter to the farmer from me, apologising for scaring him

English Text and Activities for the the weeks beginning 1.6.20 and 8.6.20.