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Can you name the days of the week in order?

Normally, what days would we come to school? What days are we not at school?

what is the word we use for the days we are not at school on Saturday and Sunday? (Weekend)

What did the caterpillar eat on Monday, Wednesday, Friday? 



At school, each morning we sing a 'days of the week' song to the tune of The Adams Family

Practise singing the song together at home:


"There's Monday and there's Tuesday,

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

Saturday and Sunday

The days of the week

Days of the week (click click)

Days of the week (click click)

Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week (click click)"



Let's practise writing lists.

What does a list look like? 

A list is one word after another, usually on separate lines.

*Write a list of the days of the week in order.

*Help to write a shopping list for your next grocery shop.

(Remember to use Fred fingers to help to you to hear and write each individual sound in each word)

When the shopping list is finished, copy it out in your best handwriting or practise reading the words. 



This is a memory game and you will need at least two players.

*Use a timer for one minute and get each member of the family to compete and try to write down a list of all of the foods that they can remember The Hungry Caterpillar eating in the story. 

Be sure to cover your writing so nobody can copy!

When the timer runs out count to see who has remembered the most.

(Children can draw pictures or write initial sounds for their list* if they are not so confident)

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