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Super spelling yesterday Reception!

Good news- it's Friday! We hope you have a lovely weekend.


Because you have been working so hard at home, you have an easy peasy task today to end the week.


Practise writing the alphabet in your best handwriting like the image below using your sounds (lower case) and your capital letters (upper case). It is important that we are able to recognise and write upper case letters when we enter Year 1. Try to keep your letters sitting on the line. All of your lower cases letters should be the same size. Tall letters will reach above to the top line and long letters will go below and hang onto the line underneath.


Remember to use the correct formation so that your letters are correct. Below you can find the handwriting phrases that we use in our phonics sessions to help you. 


If you want to practise some more handwriting in a more fun and interactive way download the app Hairy Letters on a mobile phone or tablet. This allows children to use their fingers to follow the hairy creature around the letters using the correct formation. There are also some simple phonics games on there too! 




This week’s maths is based on ‘The Very Busy Spider’ written by Eric Carle.


Click on the You Tube link to listen to the story.

Click on the WhiteRose link to find the daily activities.

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