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This week we have been thinking about the people who help us in our community.


Listen to the song below and sing along! You will recognise the tune.

Songs and poems are wonderful ways to express what we are thinking or feeling.


Read the poem below written by a very talented 11 year old boy!



Who is your hero at this difficult time? Is your mum or dad helping you to learn new things at home? Is your brother or sister playing with you and making you smile. Are your teachers providing you with fun activities to do at home? Have the doctors and nurses helped to make somebody you know feel better?


Use the poem template below and fill in the missing words to create your own.

You may wish to draw a picture in the space at the bottom or you may wish to colour a rainbow on top of the text with coloured pencils or crayons.



This week’s maths is based on the book ‘Super Worm’ follow the link below to listen to the story.


Follow the link below to access the activities for this week 5

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