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There are many different ways to measure time.

If you can, watch the powerpoint below.


What different ways do you have in your home to tell the time? Clock, analogue watches, digital watches, mobile phone...


We can use these to measure time as well as using things like egg timers, sand timers, stop watches etc.

All mobile phones now come with a timer that you can use for today's activity but you may also wish to use the seconds on a clock.


Have fun measuring the time it takes you to fly like a dragon and record your achievements on a table like the one below. 



Is the quickest one the larger or smaller number?

Who is the quickest at flying like a dragon in your house?


In the story Zog and the other dragons receive gold stars for good effort and working hard.

What have you done this week that you think would gain you a gold star?


Cut out some star shapes on paper or card and decorate one side of them to make them extra special.

On the other side write a message to your family members to celebrate something amazing they have done this week. Below are some examples:


(name) you have made me some yummy food. Thank you.

(name) you have played some fun games with me.

(name) has tried very hard with (his/her) reading.

Well done for keeping the bedroom tidy.


You could display your Wow Stars in you home on the fridge or in your bedroom. Why not use this as an ongoing way to celebrate all of the great things in your home?


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