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Hello children, wow Friday already!


Thank you for your hard work completing the activities this week. We have loved seeing the photographs you are emailing to us so please do keep them coming :)


Today we are going to continue to practise our spelling and sentence writing.




Using The Hungry Caterpillar's example below we would like you to write a Food Diary entry of the things you have eaten either yesterday (if you can remember) or today.


You will need to write the day or date at the top of the page- you can either write Friday or if you are feeling up to a challenge you can write the date as Friday 24th April 2020.


Draw a picture of the foods you have eaten and then write a sentence using the word 'I'.

e.g. On Friday I ate one piece of toast, a banana, a ham sandwich, a packet of crisps, some fish and chips and a yoghurt. 

You could write a list of the foods you have eaten first to help you. 




If you wish, you can continue your food diary over the weekend and add pages for Saturday and Sunday. This is optional for those that are keen writers.

You could design a front cover for your diary and make it like a booklet if you want or you can simply draw pictures and write your sentences below. 




Colour and cut the images below then place them in order to sequence the story. You may wish to draw your own then cut them out!

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