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How art is implemented at our school

How is ART implemented at St. Joseph’s

Art is a significant part of our school life as it allows all children to feel confident and successful no matter what. It is taught through a skills based curriculum which has cross curricular links particularly with literacy, history and geography. Children are given the opportunity to gradually develop a range of skills and then at the end of the unit produce a piece of meaningful work that encompasses everything they have learnt, as well as including their own individual style.


Teachers plan creative inspiring lessons which are sequenced and develop a range of skills which match the national curriculum requirements. Staff model techniques, demonstrate high expectations and encourage children to use their imagination. Children are exposed to the qualities of a range of materials and how to use these effectively. Children have the opportunity to select their own materials when producing their final artwork.


Children are taught the history of art and are given the opportunity to learn about individuals and their impact on the art world. This allows children to explore artwork of other cultures, different periods in time as well as significant art movements. Therefore providing children with a wide range of knowledge and understanding that can be applied to their own work. 


Children all have sketchbooks which provide them with an opportunity to gather, design and develop their own ideas. They provide children with a resource which they can refer back to and evaluate skills taught, make amendments and begin to consider what has been successful and what hasn’t.  Children are taught how to evaluate their own work and those of their peers effectively.

Art skills have been broken down into year groups so all teachers know the expectations of the children they teach and to ensure the avoidance of repetition. This allows all children to develop skills and in turn make significant progress allowing them to reach age related expectations.