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Leaving St Joseph's

Not only do we aim for all our children to leave us at the expected standard but we also hope they will have developed a love of reading which will last them a life time. 

We hope that, as children move to their chosen high school, they will have developed skills in:

Vocabulary - develop a wider range of words and their meanings.

Inference - understand what the author wants us to know with out saying it directly.

Prediction - what might happen next or why a character might behave in a certain way.

Explanation - giving reasons of events in a text.

Retrieve - find key information from the text.

Summarising - understanding the key points from what they have read.



We we can only do this with your help and support.


If you have any concerns or further questions about reading at St Joseph’s, please come into school as we value your support in your child’s reading journey.