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This week the lessons are all about adding and subtracting. Some of you will be able to finish the work quickly. Remember you can go to games like we do in class.


Enjoy x


This week there is another talk for writing unit to try, specially designed for year 1 children like you. This one is all about a naughty Pixie. There are lots of jobs so don’t try and do them all in one day. Below is what I suggest you do each day if you can. Like last time, don’t worry if you can’t finish every task, just do your best. I’d skip around my kitchen if anyone sent me a picture of some of your work!!!

Monday-  Story of Pippety Skycap, a mischievous pixie

  • Talk activity about the story  and other books to share
  • Reading response activities
  • Who said what?
  • Quiz Time•
  • Exploring words together


  • Design a warning poster
  • Pixie Fact-files
  • Poem – In the pixie’s pocket
  • Read together


  • Riddles
  • Draw and Write
  • Pippety’s Treasure Hunt; write a recount


  • Using recipe instructions to make Pippety’s playdough
  • Exploring words to describe the playdough
  • Measuring activity using pixie templates
  • Complete a table to show measurements
  • Writing sentences about the results


  • Poem – If I Had Wings by Pie Corbett
  • Read, discuss and perform
  • Writing our own poem
  • Making a pixie paper plane

Topic- Geography

If you try the tasks do the one that has A beside the number. That's the work designed for year 1 children like you.