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Well done for your hard work this week boys and girls.

We hope you are enjoying the activities and having lots of fun at home. We are missing you all very much. Thank you for the photographs you are sending to our class email- keep them coming!


Today we are going to practise some spelling skills.


Below you can see an image of 10 different minibeasts. Some of the words will be easier to spell than others.


Select at least 5 of them to spell together. 

If you want an extra challenge, write a sentence about each one you have chosen and use your spelling skills carefully.





In Reception we use 'Fred fingers' to help us to spell. For this we need to listen to the word and count how many sounds we can hear e.g. ant we can hear a-n-t 3 sounds. We will show 3 fingers and with the other hand we will point to or pinch our fingers in order as we say the sounds   'a'   'n'   't'. This will help us to remember the sounds as we write them down.


It will be trickier for words that contain tricky sounds such as 'ir' in ladybird. 'ir' is only one sound even though it consists of two letters so children will hear the sounds l-a-d-y-b-ir-d which is 7 sounds even though there are 8 letters. Most children know that a 'y' can sometimes make an 'ee' sound e.g. lad-y.


Use the sounds charts below to help you find the sounds and write them down. 

Your child may not have been exposed to every sound in Set 2 and 3 yet but that is fine- they have to start somewhere. 


Set 1 sounds


Set 2 and Set 3 sounds


It is important that children know how to write high-frequency words also. These are words that a appear most frequently in written language such as 'the' 'and' 'because' 'said' 'go' etc.  

You may wish to practise writing the words highlighted in red on the chart below.


This week’s maths is based on ‘The Very Busy Spider’ written by Eric Carle.


Click on the You Tube link to listen to the story.

Click on the WhiteRose link to find the daily activities.

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