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Topic activities

Monday-Let’s read the quote from Walt Disney.

’ If you can dream it, do it’

Think about your dreams or wishes for the future. Design a poster with pictures of your dreams and wishes.

TuesdayThink about Walt Disney’s, The Lion King and what the African desert was like. If you were going there, what essential and luxury things would you need to go on an expedition there? If you have a backpack at home, go and find the things you would take with you. Pretend you are really going there. If you are allowed to, make a hideout ( a little place to rest and watch the animals through your binoculars). Maybe use some towels or sheets under a clothes airer. Use your imagination!

Afterwards you can draw what you put in your backpack.


Wednesday – In the Lion King music you can hear different types of drums. Bongos are an African drum. Have a look at them. Maybe you could look for something in your home to make bongos with. Then you could play the music and bang your bongos in time to the pulse!!!! (Your family may put earphones on or they might put you outside!)

Thursday- Take a look at the Pride Land from pictures in the Lion King film. Could you make this landscape using things you can find at home or in a garden or park. You could use lego, construction, or twigs, sticks, wood ,sand and stones anything you like.

Friday-For a bit of fun why not try a Disney quiz.

Below there’s a link to find one.

There are some colouring sheets or even masks to make too.