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Topic ideas




This weekend Christians celebrated the feast of Pentecost. That was the day the Holy Spirit came and breathed new life into the friends of Jesus, giving them the energy and love and kindness and many other gifts to help them spread the good news of Jesus to others. Please find a link to the story to watch and then some craft activities to follow.

TuesdayWatch ‘All about Walt Disney’ PowerPoint. Colour in a Walt Disney picture and write 3 facts you have learnt about him.


WednesdayDesign a new Disney character. Label it. Are they a good or bad character? Describe your new character using some exciting words.


Thursday Look at images from some Disney movies (101 Dalmatians, Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins, Robin Hood)  Find out where in the UK these are set? Find and label these places on a map.


FridayMake a shadow puppet of your chosen Disney character. Watch your favourite Disney movie and then talk about what is it was about? What was your favourite part? Would you recommend it to a friend?