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week 2: 27.4.20

w.c. 27.4.20

English week beginning 27th April

In the Talk for Writing booklet, 'The Game', there are fantastic ideas to let your imagination run free!

They are not to be completed in one day - I have split the unit so you can complete one activity each day for the next two weeks. There is a link to an audio version of the text too.


Monday: (Activity 1) I predict... (pg 3-5)

Tuesday: (Activity 2) What do the words mean? (pg 5-9)

Wednesday: (Activity 3) Likes, dislikes, puzzles and surprises (pg 9-10)

Thursday: (Activity 4) Comprehension questions (pg 11-12)

Friday: (Activity 5) Comprehension questions continued (pg 12-13)

Don't forget your weekly spellings.


To be continued next week...

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