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Today your task is to be CREATIVE!  You need to design your own role play area.  This can be as simple or extravagant as you like.  Below are some suggested ideas or send some photos of your own ideas.  Role play supports endless learning opportunities and children love it, especially if the grown ups get involved!  Think of all the people who help you and choose one you might like to be.




A shop - Get tins/ fruit/ cereal boxes/ carrier bags.  Role play shopper and shopkeeper.  You can practise writing shopping lists/ prices for the food/ special offer posters etc Use real money for the till and practise counting skills.


A restaurant - Set the table with plates/ knives/ forks and spoons.  Make a menu for the table.  Take orders and pretend to make the food in the kitchen.  You could use some real food e.g. biscuits.  Make some paper flowers for the middle of the table.  You could use your teddies to be your customers.


A bus/ train - Get chairs or cushions and make a bus/ train/ aeroplane or rocket!  You could make tickets - where will you go on your journey?  If you have some empty cardboard boxes you could even use these.


A hospital - Get your teddies and blankets to make some hospital beds.  Scarves/ tissue paper could be used for bandages.  Calpol spoons/ syringes to give pretend medicine.  Use paper to write prescriptions.  


Have FUN playing!



Picture 1
Mrs Cooney had a go at making a hospital!

This week’s maths is based on the book ‘Super Worm’ follow the link below to listen to the story.


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