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Think of a minibeast.  It can be the same or a different one from yesterday!


Complete these questions with a grown up.  Ask them to write down your answers.


Name of minibeast: _________________________________________


Can it fly? _________________________________________________


Does it have legs? How many? ________________________________


Tell me an amazing fact! ______________________________________


Now use your answers to write some fantastic sentences.


I am a butterfly.


I can fly.


I have six legs.


I used to be a caterpillar!

Maths based on The very Hungry Caterpillar


Watch the story


Follow the daily lesson


Use the I Spy sheet to play games.

"I spy with my little eye (number) ladybirds"

"I spy with my little eye something that is red with spots"

"I spy with my little eyes a bug with 8 legs"


Try to complete the Add to 20 worksheet by counting how many of each bug you can find on the I Spy picture. then add the two amounts together to find the total.

You may wish to make some of your own addition problems and write them down yourself.


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