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Week 10 29th June - 3rd July

Follow the link below for this week's maths home learning!


Monday 29th June

The text we are reading in school is 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo.  It tells a tale of a boy who leaves home to sail around the world with his family.

Use the powerpoint below to write a discussion to say if you think it would be something you would like to do or not.


Tuesday 30th June


Michael has visted many places around the world.  One night, they sail into a storm and his pet dog, Stella, is swept overboard.  Michael is swept out too as he tries to rescue her.

Use the powerpoint to write the experience form Michael's view.



Wednesday 1st July


Michael has travelled to many places around the world.  Use the internet to research a place you would like to go. It could be far away, a hot place or a cold one, beaches or mountains.

Remember you can go anywhere in the world!


Thursday 2nd July


Michael is now stranded on an island.  If you were stranded on a desert island, which 5 items would you want ot have with you? 

Use the sheet below to record you items and give reasons why you would want to have them.

Write a paragraph to persuade your reader of the importance of these objects.


Friday 3rd July


Michael must try to get a message to the outside world to let his parents know where he is.

Use the bottle template to write a message in a bottle.  You will need to include: where you think you are, if there are any landmarks nearby, how you are feeling and how you will signal when he sees any rescue boats.

You may also wanted to design your own desert island and add your own landmarks.