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Week 3

This weeks Talk 4 Writing Unit is ‘Monsters’.

The booklet can be found below.

Monday 15th June

Work with Professor Behemoth’s in his writing his Monsterology to list all of the monsters he has researched over many years.

Read his introduction and the model text, ‘Swamp Monster’. Complete Activity 1 to match the vocabulary with the correct definition.

Tuesday 16th June

Activity 2: Underlying pattern of information texts.

Activity 3 The Toolkit – create your own using this activity.

Wednesday 17th June

Activity 4: Formality – rehearse your best impression of the Queen

Write the sentence which are formal.

Thursday 18th June

Activity 5: Topic sentences – create some of your own using the examples.

Friday 19th June

Activity 6: New ideas! Collect your own ideas using the images provided or ideas of your own. Headings have been provided to give you an idea for your paragraphs.