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week 4: 11.5.20

Our new Talk for Writing unit is called ‘Meet the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah’ by Maria Richards.

You can listen to an audio version of the text at this address - swano - zeb – tah

I have split the unit into each day.  You do not need to do the whole unit at once - it should cover 2 weeks.


Monday 04.05.20: Where the Wild Things Are ‘Get Exploring’; read the text and complete ‘Interests, questions and favourites’ (pg 4-8)

Tuesday 05.05.20: Let’s Explore the Words Vocabulary Practise (pg 9-11)

Wednesday 06.05.20: The Rhiswanozebtah Comprehension Questions (pg 12-14)

Thursday 07.05.20: Grammar Hammer Brackets (pg 15-16)

Friday 08.05.20: Sentence Imitation Adventurous Adverbs (pg 16-17). Stop at '2. Additionally plus a fact' - we will pick up there next week.


To be continued next week...

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