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Week 5 Money

Week commencing 18th May 2020




This week the children will begin by learning the value of each coin and note in order to understand what each value represents. They will learn that money can be represented in different ways but still have the same value. The children will convert between pounds and pence using their prior knowledge of place value and applying it to money e.g. £1 = 100 pence.

The children will move onto using their understanding of money and values, and with the support of pictorial representations, to add amounts of money to find the total amount.  Using a number line and a whole-part model they will subtract money to find change.

On day 4 the children will revisit their learning about the 3 times tables.

Finally there is a clue dough challenge and recipe cards to revisit problem solving and knowledge and understanding of shapes.


For videos to support this weeks learning activities please visit the link below and select Summer Term - Week 3 (w/c 4th May).


Children will also benefit from real world examples of using money, for example, writing shopping lists and subtracting from an amount or adding the cost of items on a receipt to find the total. Using real coins and notes will help children become familiar with money.


Please remember to try and practice your times tables daily using the daily times tables activities below.


We love to see what the children have been learning. Please remember to share any work that you do at home via out twitter and email.


Stay safe, stay smiling and we hope to see you soon


Mrs Holmes.




Daily Times tables activities