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Year 6

Our final week at St Joseph's!



This week marks the end of your time at St Joseph's after many years.  Lots of you started in Nursery and have remained with us, learning and growing throughout the years.  For others, you may have joined us later but soon became part of the St Joseph's family.


It will be a very bitter sweet day on Friday - happy but sad at the same time.  We are happy that we have been there to see you thrive and develop; to reach your potential; and to share all the memories that have been created along the way.

However, we will all be sad to see you leave. However, leave you must! You are ready! Ready to fly and learn new things. Ready to meet new challenges. Ready to make new friends and new memories.

So for all of our brilliant, wonderful, amazing leavers of 2020, we wish you all the luck in the world.  There are only two things we ask of you: 

1) remember all the skills, qualities and talents you have and use them

2) never forget how brilliant you are.


Reach your potential and don't forget to come and see us.

Miss Hedley and Mrs McLaughlin

Dream BIG St Joseph's Leavers of 2020!


A message from Mrs McLaughlin and Miss Hedley

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