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Receiving our Faith in Action award

We are so proud of our Year 6 pupils who have worked so hard this year towards their Faith in Action award. It has been a pleasure to work with them and hear their thoughts, feelings and ideas about how to help others. They have truly put their faith into action and they thoroughly deserve the certificates and medals they have been awarded in recognition of their hard work. 

Reflection point three

As part of our third reflection point, we thought about what the kingdom of God should be like. We each drew a picture to show what we thought the kingdom would be like. 

Raising money for Ukraine

The children have continued to think about the war in Ukraine and wanted to do something more to help the people affected. The children decorated and sold cakes to raise money to help Ukrainian refugees and they raised £91.28.


We worked with Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary who sent to money directly to their partner group in Poland who used the money to directly support people who had fled Ukraine. 

We received a letter from Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary to thank the children for their hard work and the monies raised. 

Thank you letter from Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary

Reflection Point Three

In our Faith in Action reflection point three, we thought about servant leadership. We listened to the Gospel where Jesus washes his disciples feet and we watched the Pop emulate his actions. As part of our liturgical prayer, we washed our friends feet or hands to remind us that Jesus wanted to serve others.

Reflection point 2

In our Faith in action reflection point two, we thought about loving actions we can do to be a good servant of God. We made some hearts, wrote some loving actions on them and put them in a box. As part of our liturgical prayer at the end of our session, we picked out some hearts and made a promise to do the actions this week.

Prayers for Ukraine.


Our Y6 children have been so moved by the events in Ukraine, they asked to write prayers of love, hope and support for the people who are in need. It was a beautiful way to keep the people of Ukraine in our thoughts as we ask God to help them through this period of uncertainty and fear. 



Reflection Point 1


Throughout the course of our award we stop and reflect.


Our first reflection point was all about love. We heard scripture, we thought about Catholic teaching and heard from Pope Francis. We also heard about an amazing man called Maximilian Kolbe who lived a life in service of God and gave his life for another. As part of our reflection we thought about songs that mention love and we had a sing off! There are so many songs about love! We ended our session in prayer.

Bringing joy to our Parish


As part of our Award, we have planted some daffodil bulbs. We gave them to Parishioners at our local churches to remind everyone of the beautiful world God created for us. We hope they will bring joy to others.

Christmas performance


For the first credits of our award we worked hard to plan, prepare and present a virtual Christmas story for our school family. We learned our parts, practiced our instruments and songs and completed filming and recordings. We reflected on the true meaning of Christmas which we shared with our school, our families and friends. 


Follow the links to watch us retell this special story.