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Physical Education

Our PE Coordinators are Miss Bishop and Mrs Aitken.  


In PE at St Joseph’s children will experience a wide range of activities in dance, gymnastics, games and athletics. Swimming is also provided in Key Stage 2. A wide and varied curriculum is offered in games across the school to allow pupils to develop the skills of hitting, catching, passing, stopping, defence and attack.


Children are given opportunities to compete against other schools in team games and competitions. We have regular after school clubs in P.E which vary throughout the year. We also have visits from qualified coaches who can offer expertise in a particular sporting field. Good links with our Catholic Cluster schools have been forged and maintained. Our aim is to help children see fitness as a lifelong skill and to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.



Sports Council 2021 - 2022


All children will now have the opportunity each year to become a democratically elected Sports Councillor for their class. These are children who are:

  • Enthusiastic about sport
  • Interested in developing sport and PE in St Joseph's
  • Full of good ideas
  • A good role model for sporting behaviour


If they offer all of these qualities then children may stand for the class vote.


Sports Councillors for 2021-2022


Year 3 - Luciam

Year 3/4 - Hayden

Year 4 - Callum

Year 5 - Bethany

Year 5/6 - Harvey

Year 6 - Krystian



Autumn 1 Clubs


Our after school clubs this half term are:


Monday - Year 6 Boxercise Club 


Tuesday - Year 4 Dodgeball Club


Friday - Year 5 Volleyball Club 



These clubs will begin in week 2 and run until the final week before half term (week commencing 18.10.21)


Active at home ideas


The Government’s plan has set out the ambition for all children to achieve 60 minutes of physical activity every day, with schools being responsible for delivering 30 of these active minutes. Active 30:30 is our response to this ambition, and has been developed to help schools reduce sedentary behaviour and increase physical activity in young people outside of timetabled curriculum PE. It also addresses how to help influence the remaining 30 active minutes to be achieved outside of school. Can you have a go at our weekly active challenges at home?

Active at home ideas

Summer 2

Active at home ideas

Summer 1

Active at home ideas

Spring 2


Active at home ideas

Spring 1


Active at home ideas

Autumn 2



Sports Council Activities 2020-2021

Sports Council Activity Autumn 1

Sports Council Activity Autumn 2

Sports Council Activity Spring 1 / Spring 2

Sports Council Activity Summer 1


PE Displays


Sports Council Activity Summer 2


Sports Day / Week

PE Vocabulary

The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. This Year we received SILVER in the School Games Mark.

At St Joseph's, we recognise each of the six School Games Values with half termly celebration assemblies.

St Joseph's does the Daily Mile! Click on the links below to find out more information on our new initiative.





Year 1

Throw and catch a ball with a partner (catching with both hands)


Move fluently by changing direction and speed easily, avoiding collisions and stopping safely.


Show control and accuracy with the basic actions for rolling, underarm throwing, striking a ball and kicking


Choose and use skills effectively for particular games, understand the concepts of aiming, hitting into space


Take the ball to a good position for aiming, use skills in different ways in different games


Hit a ball with a bat.


I can kick more accurately in different ways


Participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending.

Use movement to reflect the mood of the music


I can copy more complex dance moves. I can make up a short dance.


I can dance imaginatively.

Use simple apparatus safely and with confidence


I can make my body tense, relaxed, curled and stretched.


I can control my body when travelling.


I can control my body when balancing. I can climb safely.


I can copy a sequence of movements


I roll, curl, travel and balance in different ways,

Year 2

Pass a ball accurately to a partner over a variety of distances


Perform a range of rolling, throwing, striking, kicking, catching and gathering skills, with control and use these in a game


Show a good awareness of others in running, chasing and avoiding games


Make simple decisions about when and where to run


Vary skills and show some understanding of simple tactics


Choose and use tactics to suit different situations


Participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending.


Stay in a zoneduring a games


Follow rules

Watch and describe dance phrases and dances, and use what they learn to improve their own performance


Change rhythm, speed, level and direction.


Dance with control and co-ordination.


Make a sequence by linking sections



Link some movement to show a mood or feeling.

Use simple apparatus safely and with confidence


Watch, copy and describe what other have done, with increasing detail


Improve their work using information they have gained by watching and listening


Use contrast in sequences.


Movements are controlled.


Think of more than one way to create a sequence which follows a set of rules.


Work on my own and with a partner to create a sequence.








Year 3

I can throw and catch with control when under limited pressure.

I know and use rules fairly to keep games going.


I am aware of space, when playing a game and use it for attacking and defending.


I am aware of teammates and the opposition and am starting to use tactics in light of this.


I can use the correct technique to throw overarm. I can throw and catch a ball, whilst moving..


I can demonstrate a range of throwing actions using a variety of objects.


I can run fast, medium and slow speeds;

changing speed and direction, when asked


I know and use rules fairly.

Improvise freely, on their own or with a partner


Translate ideas into a dance


Create and link phrases using a simple dance structure


Perform dances with an awareness of rhythm on their own or in a group

Improve the quality of their actions, body shapes and balance


Select appropriate actions and consolidate simple ideas


I can explain how strength and suppleness affect performances


Evaluate their work and quality of their performance


Recognise how their work can be improved


I can use a greater number of my own ideas for movement in response to a task.



I can perform a basic pull throw.


I can run at fast, medium and slow speeds, changing speed and direction.


I can make up and repeat a short sequence of linked jumps.


I can take part in a relay activity, remembering when to run and what to do.


I can follow a map in a familiar context.


I can move from one location to another following a map.


I can use clues to follow a route.


I can follow a route safely.


Year 4

Keep a game going using a range of different ways of throwing


Strike a ball with intent (accuracy and control) and throw it more accurately when bowling and/or fielding.


I can catch with one hand.


I can throw and catch more accurately using underarm and overarm


Keep and use rules they are given


Try to make things difficult for their opponent by directing the ball to space, at different speeds and height.


Evaluate their own performance and comment on improvements.


I can use dance to communicate an idea.


I can take the lead when working with a partner or group.


I can make sure my dance moves are clear and fluent.

Develop a range of actions, body shapes and include a performance


Create gymnastic sequences that meet a theme or set of objectives


Make simple judgments on their own and others work


Suggest ways performance can be improved.


I can adapt sequences to suit different types of apparatus and their partners ability.


I can work in a controlled way.


I can work with a partner to create, repeat and improve a sequence with at least three phases.


Jump for height and distance with control and balance


Throw with speed and power and apply appropriate force (push and pull throw)


I can link running and jumping activities with some fluency, control and consistency (long jump).


I can run over a long distance.


I can sprint over a short distance

I can follow a map in a (more demanding) familiar context.

I can follow a route accurately, safely and within a time limit.


Year 5

Travel with a ball showing changes of speed and directions using either foot or hand


Use a range of techniques when passing, eg high, low, bounced, fast, slow


Hit the ball with purpose, varying speed, height and direction


Hit the ball from both sides of the body


I can gain and keep possession by working as a team.

I can use a number of techniques to dribble and shoot.


Independently I can find an appropriate place to field.


I can vary tactics and adapt skills according to what is happening.


I can choose the best tactics for attacking and defending.

Compose dances expressively


Organise their own warm up and cool down to suit activities


I can work on my movements and refine them.


I can compose my own dances in a creative and imaginative way.


My movements are controlled.

Perform actions in a fluent and consistent performance


Create sequences and adapt


Evaluate and improve their own and other work


I can include change of speed.


I can include change of direction. I can include a range of shapes.

I can follow a set of rules to produce a sequence.


I can combine action, balance and shape.

I can sprint over a short distance with a controlled and effective technique.


I can throw in different ways, with increased power, using an increased range of equipment.


I can jump in different ways. I can combine running and jumping. (including long jump and triple jump)

I can follow a map in an unknown location.


I can use clues and compass directions to navigate a route.


I can change my route if there is a problem.


I can change my plan if


I get new information.

Swim competently,

confidently and

proficiently over a

distance of at least 25 metres


Use a range of strokes effectively such as front crawl, backstroke and


Perform safe self- rescue in different

water-based situations.

Year 6

Dribble effectively around obstacles


Show precision and accuracy when sending and receiving


Perform skills with accuracy, confidence and control


Combine and perform skills with control, adapting them to meet the needs of the situation


Play shots on both sides of the body and above their heads in practises and when the opportunity arises in a game use different ways of bowling


Play competitive games ( modified where appropriate ) showing tactical awareness of attacking and defending and some knowledge of rules and scoring


Respond consistently in the games they play, choosing and using skills which meet the needs of the situation and learn how to evaluate and recognise their own success.


I can explain complicated rules.


I can make a team plan and communicate it to others.


I can lead others in a game situation.

Explore, improvise and combine movements


Create structure in sections of dance using a range of movement patterns


Comment on their own work and the work of others.


I can perform to an accompaniment, expressively and sensitively.


My dance shows clarity, fluency, accuracy and consistency.


I can develop imaginative dances in a specific style.

Combine and perform gymnastic actions, shapes and balances fluently


Evaluate their own work and the work of others and suggest ways to improve

I can make complex or extended sequences. I can perform consistently to different



My movements are accurate, clear and consistent.

Can sustain pace over short and longer distances, and use tactics in a race in relation to my own strength.


Able to run as part of a relay team working at their maximum speed


Can perform a range of jumps and throws demonstrating increasing power and accuracy


Are able to identify key strengths of a performer when running, jumping and throwing.


I am controlled when taking off and landing in a jump. I can throw with accuracy. I can follow specific rules.

I can plan a route and series of clues for someone else.


I can plan with others taking account of safety and danger.

Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres


Use a range of strokes effectively such as front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke


Perform safe self- rescue in different water-based situations.