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We have now implemented a fortnightly review of attendance for all pupils.  If your child’s attendance falls into the RED or AMBER category - even if school were aware of the reason for absence (holiday or sickness) – you will receive a letter informing you of this.  


If your child’s attendance is in the RED zone, it will be monitored for a period of four weeks to see if there has been an improvement.  


Early in the academic year, it is possible that a family holiday can impact on your child’s attendance and produce a low attendance percentage.  


e.g. a two week family holiday in the first six weeks of term will reduce attendance to 67%


If this is the case, you will still receive a letter and attendance will still be monitored for a period of four weeks but, as long as it improves significantly, no further action will be taken. 

If attendance remains low or children are continually late to school, we will contact the Local Authority Attendance and Placement Team for further advice and support.  In some cases, this could lead to a penalty being issued. 


At St. Joseph's we are working hard to improve our whole school

attendance. Every day in school counts and it doesn’t take many days to fall below the Government’s 96% attendance target.


100% Attendance

0 learning missed

98% Attendance

4 days of learning missed

95% Attendance

10 days of learning missed

90% Attendance

4 weeks of learning missed

85% Attendance

5 ½ weeks of learning missed

80% Attendance

7 ½ weeks of learning missed

75% Attendance

More than 9 weeks of learning missed


We closely monitor attendance and will contact families if your child's attendance falls below 95%. 


If you receive a letter inviting you in to discuss your child's attendance, please do not worry.  These initial meetings are to talk about the reasons for the drop in attendance and find out if there is anything school can do to support you.


If you need any support in ensuring your child is in school on time every day, please do not hesitate to contact us.






It is essential that children are in school on time every day.  Just five minutes late each day is a total of three days lost learning!

You can find our most recent attendance  and punctuality figures by clicking the link below and opening the latest newsletter.

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